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MC Werewolves hosted its inaugural Halloween event The Howling Wolf on Oct 26, to much fanfare and excitement.

For one fun-filled evening, the entire 2 storey MC Werewolves Café at 38 Pagoda St was transformed into the scariest Halloween setting you can imagine, with skull bones, dismembered limbs, bloodstained chains and cobwebs found in every corner.

There was also a Best Dressed competition for all the participants.

One participant even added a personal agenda to the evening’s festivities. Participant Kovin came for the event despite it falling on his actual birthday. “I don’t think there is another more memorable event than this to celebrate my birthday,” he said.

The main highlight of the evening, was the Hunt of the Dead Race. Four teams of two battled each other to find their own set of 10 skeleton pieces within the 2 storey MC Werewolves Café and put them together in the shortest time. All four teams walked away with handsome prizes. The fastest team was awarded a $300 Capita Voucher, the second was awarded a $200 Capita Voucher, the third a $100 Capita Voucher, and the fourth team a $50 Capita Voucher.

At the end of the event, participant Andy Yap told event organisers that he was “tired but proud” to be part of the exciting inaugural Halloween event hosted by MC Werewolves.


Background of MC Werewolves

MC Werewolves is the franchisee of MRX Werewolves, China’s hottest dedicated venue for the werewolf game. The MC Werewolves game café at 38 Pagoda St, is also the first of its kind in Singapore. Participants can choose to book an entire room to play the werewolves game among their friends, or join other groups to play.

What is the werewolves game? It is a role-playing multi-player strategy game where players have to figure out who the werewolves are before all of the villagers are killed. At MC Werewolves Café, game play is further elevated by sound and lighting effects, making the addictive game an even more immersive experience.

“MC Werewolves Café is more than just a game café, and The Howling Wolf event showcased that perfectly,” said Jennifer, spokesperson for MC Werewolves. “Our café is ideal for hosting both private and corporate events, and it can be quickly and effectively transformed to any event theme.”


Did you miss out on The Howling Wolf this year? Then we have good news for you. In light of the resounding success of The Howling Wolf, MC Werewolves has decided to make this an annual signature event, so be sure to register your interest for Halloween 2020!


MC Werewolves Café

38 Pagoda Street, Singapore 059197

Unlimited game rates:

Weekdays (Mon – Thu):

-Full Day Rate (3 pm to 12 am): $18/pax

-Half Day Rate (7 pm to 12 am): $15/pax


Weekends (Fri – Sun, PH Eve & PH):

-Full Day Rate (3 pm to 12 am): $25/pax

-Half Day Rate (7 pm to 12 am): $20/pax


For event bookings, call 6226 0353.


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