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Four months after MC Werewolves Singapore’s highly anticipated launch, the popular strategy card game continues to impress and draw throngs of gamers to the MC Werewolves Café at 38 Pagoda Street.

Now, even local celebrities like Hazelle Teo, Pornsak, and Lee Teng count among their regular clientele.

The Werewolf game has even caught on among Singapore’s youth, with local media reporting on Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Anderson Serangoon JC debate students playing the game as part of their ice breaker activities.


Concept of MC Werewolves

MC Werewolves is the franchisee of MRX Werewolves, China’s hottest dedicated venue for the werewolf game.

Originating from a card game called Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow, the current iteration of the Werewolves game rose to prominence in 2015 when it became the main feature of reality game show “Lying Man”, produced by Chinese live streaming platform Zhanqi TV.

Popular eSports personalities were invited to play the Werewolves game in “Lying Man”, sparking an unprecedented interest in both the show and the game within the $1.9 billion eSports market in China.

The game was quickly picked up by rival live streaming website Panda TV, who launched their own version of the game show “Panda Kill”. Fans of the game then started to move their game play offline, sparking competitions and tournaments to identify the top Werewolf players.

The growing popularity of the game led M Capital to bring it into Singapore, with the dedicated game venue, MC Werewolves game café.

“In Singapore, the government has been encouraging people to have work-life balance, that’s why we decided it was the right time to bring the hottest card game in China and Taiwan to Singapore. Singaporean clearly love games & have a great time bonding together!” said Jennifer, spokesperson for MC Werewolves.


Starting off with a big bang

MC Werewolves Café was launched on April 20, 2019, with four of the biggest gamers in China in attendance, namely: Shao Bang Zhu, Qiu Tu, Xiao Wu and Wu Sheng.

Calling MC Werewolves a card game undermines its true nature. MC Werewolves is a battle of wits, a role playing game, not unlike a real life MMORPG.

So how does the game work?

Each participant is given a role card indicating their identity in the game. They could be a Werewolf, a Hunter, a Villager or even a Witch.

When night falls, the werewolves awaken to decide on one person to kill.

Once day breaks, everyone awakens, the person who was killed is identified and leaves the game, and the rest of the participants have to decide to kill someone whom they suspect to be a werewolf. Then the process repeats. The objective? To kill all the werewolves before they kill all the villagers.

While that sounds exciting as it is, the game play is greatly enhanced when played at MC Werewolves. “The game café is the first of its kind in Singapore,” explains Jennifer. “We move the card game into reality with sound and lighting effects, making it a truly immersive experience.”

“It takes the card game to the next level.”


A game for all ages

According to Jennifer, participants can choose to book an entire room to play the game among their friends, or join other groups to play.

Besides attracting young people to play, Jennifer also points out that the game is excellent as an ice breaker, networking, or team building activity for corporate events, and is perfect for large family gatherings.

“Unlike the online games that young people are addicted to now, this is a healthy card game that focuses on togetherness, teamwork and unity,” Jennifer continues.

“Simply put, MC Werewolves is a place to have fun for all ages.”

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