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M Capital is one of the up-and-coming investment holding companies in Singapore, boasting some of the most unique, most trending and most exciting business concepts. Here’s what you need to know about the business now, and its potential investments for the mid-to-long-term.


What is M Capital all about?

We are a fast-growing investment holding company based in Singapore. At present, we have investments in education, F&B, interior design and bespoke carpentry, and luxury yachts.


What are some of M Capital’s key achievements over the past 1 year?

The past one year has been very exciting for the group.

We launched the MC Werewolves strategy card game which is now really popular among local celebrities and the young people. Our MC Werewolves Café really enhances the game experience with special effects, beautiful props, and a café that serves game themed drinks.

Our Mpire restaurant at Amoy Street was also opened recently, and has gotten very popular with the office crowd at lunch time and during happy hour. Its central location also makes it an ideal venue to host private and corporate events.

We are the sole distributor for Sunseeker luxury yachts in Singapore & Cambodia, and we have invested in residential interior design company YC Design, commercial interior design consultancy Arevida, renowned private education institutions Coleman College and private tuition centre iLearning.

Our new investments have kept us very busy this year.


Tell us about M Capital’s investment approach

Our investment approach can be summed up into 4I: Identify, Invest, Integrate, Innovate.

First, we will look out for interesting, up and coming new businesses and industries, and then identify companies within the industry that have a hands-on management team and good growth potential.

Once we are satisfied by our due diligence, we will invest our time, our energy and our finances into the business.

In order to make the new business a success, we take time to understand its operations and integrate them into the group, and innovate to identify new growth opportunities for the business, ranging from a new geographical market, a new product line or a new customer demand.


Does M Capital have a fixed investment philosophy?

In a way, yes. But we also like to leave room for flexibility.

We are very industry focused when we make our investment decisions. Right now, we are putting all our resources into building up our bread and butter businesses.

At the same time, we like to keep an open mind when exploring new trends, new industries, and new emerging technologies to identify potential investment propositions.


What are some of these industries you are exploring? Can you talk about them?


We are exploring the real estate industry, the beauty industry – particularly in companies looking into stem cell technology, and the artificial intelligence and virtual reality industry.


What is M Capital’s expansion roadmap?

We started out with Singapore as the central headquarters, and expanded outwards into the Southeast Asian region.

We have a business presence in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and China, and we are exploring the feasibility of expanding to Myanmar, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Can you sum up M Capital’s value proposition in 1 sentence?

We pride ourselves in going all out to provide value add to our various businesses, while keeping our eye on the prize of business growth and expansion.

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