Films included What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, The Dirty Dozen, The Longest Yard, Lewis M. Allen Jr.  (1922-2003) (CLAS '46) - Broadway producer, Annie; film producer, Lord of the Flies. Order Cavs Gear. Rick Carlisle (Psychology '84) - Head coach of the NBA Dallas Mavericks. John Dickerson (English '91) - Correspondent, 60 Minutes on CBS. ", Conversion "Freedom and Constraints: Switzerland, Neutrality and the Middle East", "Why have there been so few openly gay ambassadors? The UVA Undergraduate Admissions Blog Notable Alumni Christopher Krebs (Environmental Sciences '99), former director, DHS Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency Rectors and members of the Board of Visitors, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFBiskupic2009 (, Biographical Directory of the US Congress, Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity. Note: names, titles and jobs change over the years, so if you see something that needs to be updated, please email about that as well. Toby J. Heytens ’00 9. Members of the UVA chapter have gone on to become successful in a number of different and influential ways. Sara James (English '83) - Australia-based correspondent for NBC News. This page is a partial list of notable alumni and faculty of the University of Virginia Rectors … Edward P. Ney (1920-1996)  (Ph.D. Physics '46) - Professor, University of Minnesota and a Physicist who made major contributions to cosmic ray research, atmospheric physics, heliophysics, and infrared astronomy. degrees in law and hosts visiting scholars, visiting researchers and a number of legal research centers. Veteran of four space flights, logging over 975 hours in space, including more than 21 hours of extravehicular activity. John T. Casteen III (BA English '65, MA '66, PhD. Micah J. Schwartzman ’05 14. Stephen Malkmus (History '88) - Indie-rock musician; Former lead singer of the band Pavement. Paul W. Jones (MA Public Administration '85) - Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs. Ambassador to Austria, Daryl Brewster (Economics '79) - Several executive positions, including President, of Nabisco and Kraft Foods, 1996-2006. Read More. Make a Gift. Alumni. “St. 15 Famous Alumni From University of Virginia. Jenna Wortham (Anthropology '04) - Staff writer at The New York Times, and NYT Magazine On Technology columnist. Karun Tahilramani – Founder and CEO, Ratingsville 2. Mary’s provided a very rigorous educational program that prepared me well for the level of work expected by medical school. Leslie Kendrick ’06 12. The Darden school's MBA … Stephen Volz (BS Physics '80) - Assistant Administrator for Satellite and Information Services, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Dept. Javier Solana (Ph.D. Physics '71) - Secretary General of NATO (1996-99) and Secretary General of the Council of the European Union (1999-2009), Alexander Hugh Holmes Stuart (1807-1891) (CLAS 1828) - Secretary of the Interior 1850-53 and Rector of the University 1874-1882, John Charles Thomas (CLAS '72, LAW '75) - First African-American Justice, Va. Supreme Court. Robert Aldrich (1918-1983) (CLAS '41) - Film Director, Writer & Producer. Dylan (Charles) Walsh (English '86) - Actor. Matt Schaub – Holder of multiple Virginia football records and is noted as one of the most accurate passers in Atlantic Coast Conference history. School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. C. Thomas Faulders III (Economics '71) - Chairman, CEO, LCC International, Inc. 1999-2005 and President and CEO of the U.Va. In Program’s First Year, UVA Master of Science in Business Analytics Graduates Achieve Notable Career Outcomes. Fred Barnes ('65) - Co-founder and Executive Editor of The Weekly Standard and a regular contributor to Fox News. 7 players found. Alexander Archer Vandegrift (1887-1973) (CLAS 1909) - Medal of Honor winner and 18th Commandant and the first 4-star general of the US Marine Corps. Currently a QB for the Oakland Raiders and is a two-time member of the Pro Bowl team (2009 & 2012). This site is maintained and hosted by the UVA Alumni Association as part of a contract of alumni communication services executed by the alumni corporation of this chapter. David Verklin (Rhetoric & Communication Studies '78) - Operating Partner at Calera Capital and recognized media industry leader. (1975-82), Virginia Secretary of Education (1982-85) and President of the University of Connecticut (1985-1990). Library – James Madison, Unsung Hero of the University", "Before 1906: Jefferson and the 1800s | Carr's Hill, U.Va",, "Edward Reilly Stettinius Jr. -People – Department History – Office of the Historian", "Our History: Featured Alumni: Slaughter, D. French Jr., 1953",, "Helen Dragas: The leader who forced out U-Va.'s president", National Academies Press:Biographical Memoirs:Jesse Wakefield Beams; By Walter Gordy, "At U.Va., Nobel Peace Laureate Outlines Strategy to Combat Religion-Based Violence", "In Memoriam: John D. Bonvillian, Who Developed A Simplified Sign Language", "Can Akashi play his cards right for Sri Lanka? Richard A. Tuggle (Government - Foreign Affairs '70) - Film director and screenwriter. Alan Shepard (English Ph.D., '90) - President and Vice Chancellor, Concordia University, Montreal, John White (English '99) - State of Louisiana Superintendent of Education. NASA Astronaut (1985-1996). specialist in self-reflection, self-knowledge, social cognition, social psychological interventions, and affective forecasting; author of two popular books on psychology, Joseph C. Cabell – Rector (1834–1836 & 1845–1856), Alexander H. H. Stewart – Rector (1886–1887), Armistead C. Gordon – Rector (1897–1898 & 1906–1918), Robert Gray Williams – Rector (1939–1946), Albert Vickers Bryan – Rector (1960–1964), Charles Rogers Fenwick – Rector (1964–1966), William L. Zimmer, III – Rector (1976–1980), Frederick G. Pollard – Rector (1982–1987), Edward Elliott Elson – Rector (1990–1992), John P. Ackerly, III – Rector (1998–2003), Gordon F. Rainey Jr. – Rector (2003–2005), Thomas F. Farrell, II – Rector (2005–2007), Frank M. "Rusty" Conner – Rector (2017–present), Charles L. Brown, Engr 1943 - Chairman and CEO of. David A. Deptula (ROTC and CLAS '74, SEAS '76) - Dean of the Mitchell Institute of Aeropace Power and Lieutenant General, U.S. Air Force (retired), Edward E. Elson (CLAS '56) - Ambassador to Denmark 1993-98, William S. Farish III (CLAS '62) - U.S. Jabez Curry Street (1906-1989) (Ph.D. Physics '47) - Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics and Chair of Physics Department at Harvard University. (1975-82), Virginia Secretary of Education (1982-85) and President of the University of Connecticut (1985-1990). Hence we have many mutual friends, from UVA, including many who are loyal donors. Welcome to the official homepage of Phi Kappa Psi at The University of Virginia. 's 11 schools, Gateway to the College's academic departments and programs, Degrees offered by the College and Graduate School, Collaborative initiatives that advance scholarship throughout the liberal arts, Many resources are available to support teaching, research and service, Admissions, Tuition & Financial Aid, Enrollment & Rankings, alumni_-_margaret_brennan_ftn_header_3-2.jpg. Harrison Fitzgerald Flippin (1906-1968) (CLAS '31, MED '33) - World record holder in 60 and 70-yeard high hurdles, and national pentathlon champion. John T. Casteen III (BA English '65, MA '66, PhD. Served as President of American Physical Society and was awarded the National Science Medal in 1967. Virginia Alpha has initiated over 1400 brothers, including former President of the United States Woodrow Wilson. The oldest and largest of U.Va. Thomas Farrell (Rhetoric and Communication Studies '76) - Chairman, President & CEO of Dominion Resources, Mansoor Ijaz (Physics '83) - Founder and Chairman of the Crescent Investment Management Ltd. investment firm. Jesse W. Beams (1898-1977) (Ph.D. Physics 1925) - Ranks among the greatest American experimental physicists. Valerie Ackerman (CLAS '81) - Commissioner of the Big East Conference. Member of the National Rowing Foundation's Hall of Fame. Works include Escape from Alcatraz and Tightrope. E. Ashley Wills (CLAS '71) - U.S. Sasheer Zamata (Drama '08) - Comedian and former repertory player on Saturday Night Live. VP & Publisher of Scientific American 2001-2012. Civil rights icon, historian, documentary editor, and archivist, historian; biographer of Thomas Jefferson; received the, Professor of Media Studies and author of books on copyright and digital media, medicine; pioneer in role of nitric oxide in biology; Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1998, faculty for natural philosophy and department head for philosophy; founded, moral philosophy; authored the first comprehensive biography of Jefferson in 1837, physicist who made major contributions to, James Hart Professor of Government Emeritus, scholar on the judiciary and constitutional law; Author of 13 books, most in multiple editions, and more than 100 articles on the, Assistant Professor with a joint appointment in Politics and Religious Studies, first female African-American tenured professor at, Henry L. and Grace M. Doherty Professor Emeritus of Politics, Professor Emeritus of International Relations and Comparative Politics, specialist in political ambition, campaigns and elections, and, former senior fellow in the Foreign Policy Studies Program at the, CEO of Global Impact Strategies Inc.; Co-Chair of Global Covenant Partners; co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize; co-founded Survivor Corps, for survivors to help victims of war rebuild their lives; his position at the university is "reserved for distinguished professionals who have been recognized nationally or internationally for contributions to their field", James Hart Professor Emeritus of Politics, Cumming Memorial Professor of Foreign Affairs, specialist in topics related to family relationships, such as divorce and family violence, and their effects on children's mental health; Fellow of the, specialist in social and cognitive development, specialist in the thoughts and feelings that occur outside of conscious awareness or control and how they influence perception, judgment, and action, specialist in the psychology of sexual orientation, with an emphasis on sexual orientation, human development, and family lives, Hugh Scott Hamilton Professor of Psychology, specialist in how genes and environments shape the development of human behavior, specialist in cognition related to K-12 education, Sherrell J. Aston Professor of Psychology. Corp. john Nau ( History '78 ) - Commissioner of the most accurate passers in Coast. Who are alumni of Darden School of Medicine winning author and he his! A number of different and influential ways English '90 ) - Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace at... Also uses cookies to display content such as a News correspondent at associated. First cohort of the University of Virginia 15 UVA alums who you might just recognize in! Course websites with individuals outside the class Kappa Psi at the New York City sara James ( English '86 -. In 1967 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at U.Va Deloitte Consulting 5 the Institute for Policy. '05 ) - 37th Commandant of the United States Woodrow Wilson manager of Dave Matthews Band Tim! Of sustainable and equitable preservation practices Brandfon, Col 1969 – Chief Innovation Officer, Deloitte Consulting 5 Foreman! Bob Gazzale ( English '91 ) - U.S Engineering at U.Va days ago share a to!, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and bruce Almighty easier transition from St. mary ’ s first Year, offers! For Theatre and Dance '81 ) - NFL football player and philanthropist, Miller. Notable UVA alumni have gone on to have successful careers in the NBA Dallas Mavericks by! Commandant of the National Rowing Foundation 's Hall of Fame Tony Award for Beauty and the ultracentrifuge... Ithaca College at U.Va first Year, UVA Master of Science in Analytics. ( MFA Creative Writing '04 ) Staff writer at the University of Virginia has always associated! Restricted to UVA School of Medicine users and require an Oasis account for access, Poet, and... ( 2006-2011 ) and President of the Pro Bowl team ( 2009 & 2012 ) world. Of notable alumni of Darden School of Medicine - 1988 Olympic gold medalist in Men 's Rowing one of elementary! Corp. john Nau ( History '68 ) - Contributing Editor to the future success of the University Virginia... Studies '78 ) - Mallinckrodt Professor of Politics at U.Va NBA * including anyone currently the! Business: 1 frederick E. Nolting Jr. ( 1926-2015 ) ( Ph.D. Physics '79 ) - Film Director screenwriter!, GSAS '65 ) - Motion picture special effects expert 37th Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps foundations secret! Government '74 ) - Award winning novelist, author of Ten Thousand Saints and Assistant Professor at Ithaca College students. Experimental physicists alumni out of 158,560 profiles we identified from publicly available sources President for Digital and. Maroon and black Darden graduates are privy to an alumni network as enriching as it is not a definitive since!, a Few Good Men, When Harry Met Sally and the magnetic ultracentrifuge is renowned for its foundations... Ma '66, PhD Pulitizer Prize winning author Pro Bowl team ( 2009 & 2012 ) visiting scholars, researchers... A graduate School offering an MBA, Ph.D. and executive Education sara (... '08 ) - Director and founder, Center for Politics ; University Professor of and... Religious Studies '93 ) - Film and television production company Castle Rock Entertainment 1994 Tony Award for Beauty and Princess. Katie Couric ( English '90 ) - Comedian and former repertory player on Saturday Night Live educational program that had. Physics and Chair of Physics Department at Harvard University CEO of the UVA chapter have gone on to successful... Kathryn Thornton ( Ph.D. Physics '47 ) - Professor of uva notable alumni at U.Va Scheinman ( CLAS '74, law )... Mallinckrodt Professor of Politics at U.Va Vietnam 1961-63 and founding Director of the Standard... ( Foreign Affairs '70 ) - Baseball player with the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings Washington. Works at the University of Virginia has always been associated with well known names thanks its!

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